What you need to do is find a food-based mostly powder that makes use of algae as its energetic ingredient. The transdermal, penetrating facet of this explicit ingredient transports other important components used in the system deep into the assorted layers of the skin, nourishing and revitalizing it on a cellular degree. I intuitively knew there should be a way to decelerate the means of aging pores and skin, and presumably even reverse it as nicely. One example of how this restorative course of takes place might be found in one in all the key ingredients used within the components, which is recognized as being transdermal in nature. Encouraged by these findings I experimented every day with a wide range of natural strategies and substances utilized by the Ancients, until I found the optimum combination that gave my skin the identical glowing radiant look I loved as a younger woman. Fortunately for us, the components and methods they used have been handed down by way of the ages, allowing us to use the same time-examined methods to attain a level of pores and skin care unmatched by modern-day magnificence products.